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Cold and non-innovative - these words perfectly describe the sphere of metal work and its products. However, the result of our collaboration with Jugnė-L is the complete opposite. We have created a modern and elegant design, an innovative and interactive product assembly system. The result of all this is optimized company performance and an increased number of sales.



Having discussed the essential design specifics of the project, we identified the key design aspect - simplicity. We implemented this goal by creating a page where one can familiarize themselves with the client's products and product bundles. We developed a product bundling system that is convenient for both the user and the customer.

Jugnė-L homepage design

Product bundles system


From the very beginning, the client emphasized the main direction of the order system - product bundling. We fulfilled this requirement by creating an interactive product bundling system where the user can choose desired items that are tailored for successful integration with other products.

Jugnė-L product bundling visualization

Payment system integration


To enhance the customer's e-commerce experience, we integrated the Montonio payment system. The implementation of Montonio simplified the process of settling payments for goods, ensuring a secure and efficient execution of online banking transactions.


The result of Digify's collaboration with Jugnė-L is a modern and elegant design, an innovative and interactive product bundling system, and optimized company operations, leading to an increased number of sales.



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