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Slow, non-innovative and ignorant - these are the first thoughts that come to the mind when plumbing sector is mentioned. However, the result of our cooperation with ServeMyHome is the complete opposite. We created modern and elegant web design, innovative and interactive order system. The result of this cooperation is optimised company operations and an increased number of orders. These amazing solutions have brought our client to a more innovative digital world.



Project goal - transfer plumber sector to innovative, modern digital world. We have identified the main aspect of design - innovativeness. We implemented this goal by preparing a page where you can familiarise yourself with the works and services provided by the client. An ordering system has been created that is convenient for both the user and the customer. Solutions implemented by our team brought the client to a more convenient digital world.

ServeMyHome homepage design

Innovative order system


From the very beginning, the client emphasized the main direction of the ordering system - simplicity. We implemented this request using a questionnaire-type form in which questions are presented to the user interactively and simply. This system is an excellent solution to speed up the company's operations, as this ordering system allows the customer to quickly and conveniently provide information about the desired service. The digitized order system ensured the efficient operation of the company.


The result of Digify's cooperation with ServeMyHome is a modern and elegant design, an innovative and interactive order system and optimized company operations, which led to an increase in the number of orders.



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